Americans Against Gun Violence president Dr. Bill Durston was invited to speak on the topic, “Gun Violence in America: A Preventable Epidemic,” during an hour long interactive online forum hosted by the Pathways for Justice Ministry of Sacramento’s St. Francis of Assisi Parish on Monday, June 28. The event was recorded and can be viewed online by clicking on this link:

During his presentation, which is supplemented with illustrative slides, Dr. Durston speaks and answers questions about the nature of our country’s gun violence epidemic; the causes of the epidemic; the definitive steps needed to stop the epidemic; current obstacles to taking these steps; and actions that we can take both individually and in concert to overcome those obstacles.

Note that the video recording, which was posted by the Pathways for Justice Ministry, begins and ends with a prayer; but consistent with Americans Against Gun Violence status as a 501(c)(3) secular nonprofit organization, Dr. Durston’s presentation contains no religious content.