May 30, 2022

Announcing the Winners of our 2022 National High School Essay Contest

Americans Against Gun Violence is pleased to announce the winners of our 2022 National High School Essay Contest, which was open to all U.S. high school students. To enter the contest, students were required to submit an original essay of 500 words or fewer by April 16, 2022, describing their thoughts about the following statement made by the late Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger during an interview on the PBS News Hour on December 16, [...]

Jun 02, 2020

Announcing the Winners of our 2020 National High School Essay Contest

Congratulations to the winners in this year’s Americans Against Gun Violence National High School Essay Contest! Their outstanding essays are posted below. The prompt for the 2020 contest was the following position statement published by the American Academy of Pediatrics in April of 2000: Firearm regulations, to include bans of handguns and assault weapons, are the most effective way to reduce firearm-related injuries. The contest was open to all high school students in the United States [...]