A study published in the journal Health Affairs in January of 2018 reported that during the years 2001-2010, youth ages 15-19 in the United States were 82 times more likely to die of gun homicide than youth in 19 other high income democratic countries (Ashish P. Thakrar et al., “Child Mortality In The US And 19 OECD Comparator Nations: A 50-Year Time-Trend Analysis,” Health Affairs 37, no. 1 (January 2018): 140–49). Data published by Centers for Disease Control show that since 2010, the rate of gun homicide for U.S. youth ages 15-19 has increased another 8%. Data for the other 19 high income democratic countries are not currently available. See the Americans Against Gun Violence President’s Message, Sacrificing Our Children to the Gods of the Gun Lobbyfor further discussion of the extraordinarily high rate of gun related deaths in U.S. children and youth.