Mar 15, 2019

Americans Against Gun Violence Responds to New Zealand Mass Shootings

Sacramento California, March 15, 2019: Americans Against Gun Violence extends heartfelt sympathy to the friends, family, fellow worshippers, and fellow countrymen and women of the many victims who were killed in the mass shootings at two Muslim mosques in New Zealand yesterday. We also extend sincere wishes for a prompt and complete recovery to the many other victims who suffered non-fatal injuries in the attacks. We condemn the shootings in the strongest terms along with [...]

Aug 22, 2016

Welcome, Americans Against Gun Violence: A Message from Australian Human Rights Medal Winner Rebecca Peters

As most people know, the United States leads the industrialised world in gun violence. For example, according to data collated by the organization,, based at the University of Sydney, a person living in the US is over 50 times more likely to be murdered with a handgun than a person living in Europe or Australia. This is perhaps not surprising given that the United States leads all other nations in domestic gun production as [...]